10 Great Gifts Under $25

Whether you need a small item to cross the last person off your list, something for an office party, or just want some spares for unexpected guests, we found 10 special gifts under $25 that will fill anyone’s holiday with a little more cheer.


1. The Kids (or Young at Heart)

PowerUp 2.0 Free Flight Electric Paper Airplane

Attach this little motor to a paper airplane and extend the flight distance by hundreds of feet. Any child or adult will spend hours over their holiday break testing out new designs to maximize fun.


Power Plane

Price: $16.99 via PowerUp


2. The Foodie

Food Huggers

It’s happens to all of us. A recipe calls for half of a vegetable and we throw the unused half into a plastic bag. Food Huggers are reusable silicon caps that fit snuggly around your fruits and veggies to keep them fresh without wasting plastic. They’re also dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe and can even be used on bottles and cans.

Food Huggers

Price: $9.99 for a set of 4 via Food Huggers


3. The DIYer

Prop Power

Any do-it-yourselfer knows that a dangling extension cord can be a huge safety hazard. The Prop Power is a 6 foot long moldable extension cord that gives convenient power in inconvenient places.

Prop Power

Price: $19.99 via Quirky


4. The Star Wars Fan

R2-D2 Lunch Bag

The new Star Wars film may be a year away (did you see the trailer?) but that doesn’t mean we can’t prepare now. Any adult or child can bring order to the lunch table with this loyal food carrier. Oh, it also lights up and beeps at the press of a button.


Price: $19.99 via ThinkGeek


5. The Candle Lover

Produce Candles

Everyone knows one person who loves candles. Why not give them something unique this year? Produce Candles turn anyone’s favorite farm harvest into an enticing soy candle. Does beet, kale, melon, or sage bring someone to mind? If not, check out their website for more homegrown scents.

Produce Candle

Price: $20 via Produce Candles


6. The Fitness Buff

Contigo Kangaroo Water Bottle with Storage Compartment

Car Key? House Key? Money? Membership Card? No one likes walking into the gym with a handful of stuff. This water bottle features a compartment to hold odds and ends. Your gym buddy can now focus on their reps instead of their stash.

Water Bottle

Price: $13 via Amazon.com


7. The Gardener

Companion Beach Chair

As any gardener knows, it’s best to have all your tools within reach. This carrier weighs less than 4 pounds and includes 9 pockets to fit all sorts of tools and plants. It also doubles as a chair for gardeners who don’t want to strain their back from a day in the yard.

The Companion Beach Chair

Price: $23.99 via Wayfair


8. The Wine Drinker

Vacu Vin Wine Saver Vacuum

If a bottle of wine can’t be finished in one sitting, it usually gets a cork in the top. If you wait too long, even just one or two days, the wine may oxidize and the flavors could be damaged. This inexpensive pump will take the air out of a bottle and slow the oxidation process to extend the life of their favorite bottle.

Wine Saver

Price: $9.99 via Amazon.com


9. The Event Goer

DUBS Ear Buds

Whether you know a concert lover, season pass football fan, or frequent flyer, they most likely hate all the extra noise. DUBS are reusable acoustic ear plugs that filter out the noise they hate and let the noise they do want (music, voices, etc.) pass through at a safe decibel level. They’ll never go for those fluorescent orange plugs again.


Price: $25 per pair via DUBS


10. The Trend Setter

lokai Bracelet

If you haven’t heard of the lokai bracelet yet, you will soon. It’s been picking up massive popularity in recent weeks as Giuliana Rancic, Julianne Hough, and other celebrities have been sporting them. To create an ideal balance, this minimal bracelet contains mud from the Dead Sea and water from Mount Everest (the highest and lowest points on Earth). Best of all? 10% of their profits are donated to charity.


Price: $18 via lokai


Anything catch your eye? Let us know in the comments below!