3 Tips to Sell Your Home This Winter

Don’t be discouraged winter seller! It’s still a great time to sell. In fact, Redfin data shows it’s the best time of year to sell. Regardless if your home has been on the market for a few months or a few days, here are 3 tips to sell your home when the weather outside is frightful.

Holiday Front Door Wreath

1. Be festive
Winter holidays are popular. Buyers will want to see your home festooned with lights and decorations. This will allow them to better visualize their family enjoying the warmth of your hearth and home.
Why not bake some cookies to welcome prospective buyers? The sense of smell might win them over subconsciously which could be a key differentiator over competing properties.
Bonus: To attract a broad range of buyers, keep the décor seasonal and avoid overly-religious decorations as it may distract some buyers.


Winter Living Room

2. Stay warm
Do you have any air drafts? Does your heat circulate evenly throughout the entire house?
No one wants to live in a cold house. Winter buyers should be able to determine the efficiency of your heating under extreme conditions. Make sure your home is warm and pleasant for visitors. A cold house could be a sign of needed maintenance.
Bonus: Have a working fireplace? Light it up to show off an often overlooked feature.


Winter Home

3. Curb appeal still matters
If you live in an area that experiences snowfall, make sure your driveway and paths are clear. Also, turn on exterior and interior lights. As the days grow shorter, more people will be looking at homes after sunset. A dark home could be overlooked while outdoor lights will draw the eye.
Bonus: If you already moved out of the home, consider plugging in a few timers to do the work for you.


Are you a winter home selling pro? Give us your tips below!