8 Revolutionary Home Products from CES 2015

The annual Consumer Electronics Show is the place for tech companies to show off their newest products. We sifted through what everyone had to offer and found 8 products that could pave the way to a smarter, stylish, and more energy efficient home.


Another Reason to Ditch Cable

Sling TV

via Sling


As we previously mentioned, the cost of cable is sky-rocketing. For only $20 a month, you can enjoy programming from ESPN, Food Network, HGTV, CNN, and more through Dish Network’s Sling TV. If you’re favorite channel isn’t provided, Dish plans to offer add-on packs of popular channels in the future. You’ll be able to stream Sling TV through an app available on a bunch of devices including Roku, Playsation 4, Xbox One, Andoird, iOS, and more.


A No-Fuss Flower Pot

Parrot Pot

via Parrot


This flower pot can turn anyone into a gardening pro. The Parrot Pot uses sensors to detect soil moisture, temperature, light, and fertilizer levels. If needed, the pot will water the plant using a 2 liter reservoir that’s built into the pot. With a database of over 7,000 plants, you can enjoy your beach getaway without having to worry about houseplant survival.


A Smarter Washer and Dryer

Whirlpool Smart Top Load

via Whirlpool


Whirlpool announced a pretty snazzy new washer and dryer. Both units can be controlled from an accompanying app that’s loaded with washing, drying, and stain removal tips. Not sure what temperature to wash those colors or what a delicate is? Tell Whirlpool what you’re washing and the machine will figure it out for you. You can even download new cycles to your washer to tackle specialty items like a comforter or stuffed animals.


An Air Vent Designed to Save Money

Keen Homes

via Keen Home


If you only sleep in your bedroom, it likely doesn’t need heated or cooled while you’re at work or lounging in the living room. A study performed by Keen Home found opening and closing events can trim an estimated 10 to 20% off heating and cooling costs. These smart air vents made by Keen connect to WiFi and can be opened and closed from your smartphone allowing your air system to take a break from excess work.


A Water Heater That Takes a Vacation

GE GeoSpring

via GE


Yes, we’re following up vent covers with hot water heaters, but hear us out. The GE GeoSpring Hybrid Water Heater claims to use 62% less energy than competing water heaters. It also comes with a vacation mode to reduce the temperature while you’re away from home. If you forget to set it before you leave, no worries. You can control the temperature and various modes from an app.


Home Security in a Lightbulb

Yahoo Sengled Snap

via Yahoo Tech


The Sengled Snap is a LED lightbulb with an HD camera and microphone. If the bulb detects movement, it can alert your phone of a possible intruder – or the mailman if you so desire. The best part? The light fits into a normal socket, no extra wires or cords needed.


Color-changing Walls

E Ink Prism

via E Ink


Paint and wallpaper could soon be a thing of the past. At CES, E Ink announced a new product called Prism. The material can change colors, display patterns, and show animations. Imagine black walls during movie night, a bright yellow accent wall to beat the winter blues, or the perfect shade of red to match your holiday décor.


A Smart Home United

Samsung SmartThings

via Samsung


The smart home is the future. The only problem? There are thousands of products and accompanying apps specifically for each. Samsung is looking to make order out of chaos by streaming lining the entire smart home experience. The SmartThings Hub will let you control a variety of third-party devices from one app. In Samsung’s world, your air vents will close, your hot water heater will go into vacation mode, and your security lightbulb will turn on at the push of a button.


What product are you looking most forward to?